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Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I love marathoning TV shows and watching an actor’s entire filmography. I fangirl, I obsess, and often I’ll watch nothing but one TV show or fandom for weeks on end. If there’s related music to listen to as well, even better.

However, this labour of love is a solitary one and although I talk about it I don’t find it necessary to ask others along on for the journey.

Until now.

I’m starting a project on this blog, dubbed “Kat in the Hall” by myself and probably no one else (for good reason). I will be reviewing two episodes of Kids in the Hall per week, Monday and Thursday, until I’ve reviewed all 101 episodes + the pilot. I’ll be tagging them, so you can avoid them if you wish and I’ll be posting other content too but this will be my focus. I thought about starting a separate blog but decided it’s still under the umbrella of “pondering fandom”.

Comedy is best experienced with others and the goal is to share the love I’m feeling for the Kids in the Hall both as a comedy troupe and individually. There will be a breakdown of all the sketches in each episode, links so you can watch them too, background information and an overall review. There may even be a giveaway or two during the journey.

So how ’bout it, eh? It’ll be better than going to a Leaf’s game.

If you’ve seen it all before, then watch it again! The comments will be wide-open for discussion. I would love to hear stories from non-Canadians who have stumbled upon the show or people who watched when it first aired. However, I hope if you have never seen Kids in the Hall and you like sketch comedy that you’ll take a chance and join me for the ride.

Join us Monday for a review of the pilot that aired in 1988 and a brief history of how five Canadian guys with a big hand from SNL’s Lorne Michaels got an hour-long pilot on CBC.

Until then just try to ignore the oversensitive guy…