Kat in the Hall: 1×02

Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate: Tuesday October 31st, 1989

Watch along on youtube: HERE.

The Sketches

Thirty Helens Agree 1 & Womyn sketches can be seen here & here respectively, on the Nerdist channel. Each video has an interview with Bruce and Mark after the sketch.

Recurring Characters

Cabbagehead (Bruce)
Cabbage Head (Bruce)

Thirty Helens Agree!
Thirty Helens Agree!

Buddy Cole (Scott)
Buddy Cole (Scott)

Episode two is upon us and “Thirty Helens agree” is introduced. The idea of thirty Helens in a field as a sketch concept was originally brought up by Bruce as a promo idea for Saturday Night Live. “Thirty Helens agree, Saturday Night Live is the best show ever” he says in the Nerdist interview linked above. None of the other writers liked it and so it came back with Bruce and added to the Kids’ material. Short, powerful ideas can work so well because the repetition keeps it familiar and makes the little twist that much stronger.

The sketch Sketch Comedy reminds me of an act Penn & Teller performed on Just for Laughs called ‘Sleight of Hand’ that included Penn rocking the bass (and speaking, obviously) as Teller went through and demonstrated how magicians use sleight of hand in their routines. This ‘how to’ has always interested me and seeing the anatomy of a sketch explained in such a monotone voice makes it all the more hilarious. I’ve also read that this is based on a class Bruce paid for in 1982, if this is true then money well spent.

buddycolestill“It reminds me of something that Yoko Ono once said to Malcolm X in a bistro in Rome. ‘Oh the food’s terrible. But the waiter’s hilarious.'” – Buddy Cole

The first appearance of Buddy Cole since the pilot; he’s in a bar and not an alley and he’s making us laugh and making us think. This is a sketch that I can see people being offended about. Really it’s mocking people who think such ridiculous things as a group of people being generalized as just one thing. This sketch came out in 1989 and as relevant as it was then, it’s just as relevant now when we have issues like Ferguson on the news every night. People making wide, unjustified opinions based on race still happen today.

Cabbage Head once again is a horrible person! This time we see a woman not swayed by his whining like we did in the pilot. Kevin’s character doesn’t put up with any crap even if she does offer the cringe-worthy line of “that’s such a manly drink”. (Let’s be fair, mixing alcohol with alcohol is always the smart thing to do regardless of gender.) Even though he’s not successful, at least Cabbage Head gets his head watered twice, since he was so concerned about that before.

Sarcastic Guy is a fantastic sketch.

Two episodes in and we have clever sketches like Sketch Comedy and then Womyn. Womyn is a piece that is hard to describe for me because I read it as an almost empowering-for-women sketch. There are a few oversimplifications and of course today we know that being a woman doesn’t mean you can get pregnant or have a period or any of those things. Looking at the sketch with what we know now it’s nice to see an argument about breasts are for feeding kids or PMS jokes not being funny. This was 1989, these are still relevant!

Two episodes in and the Kids are starting to find their feet and beginning to put down solid for TV sketches. We also have at least three sketches that touch on controversial material.

So what did you think about today’s episode? Were you offended by any of these sketches?

Watch on youtube? Please purchase the boxset when you are able. (amazon.com/amazon.ca/amazon.co.uk [NTSC])


2 thoughts on “Kat in the Hall: 1×02

  1. I find he’s got a love him or hate him attitude. Sometimes I agree with him and other times I think Scott goes on waaaay too long. He’s better early on.


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