Kat in the Hall: 1×11

Episode 11: Airdate: Tuesday January 16, 1990 The Sketches Night of the Living Dead Can Never Go Home Thirty Helens: Coleslaw Under Control Gunslinger I Star-Crossed Lovers Thirty Helens Hawaii Barbershop Recurring Characters Review! Pickings are slim on the internet today when it comes to videos from this episode. Therefore my gif of Danny Husk […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×10

Episode 10: Airdate: Tuesday January 9, 1990 The Sketches Hoopla McGuillicutty and Green Wake Up! MacIntyre Name One Step at a Time on the Nerdist Channel Nobody Likes Us on the Nerdist Channel McGuillicuty and Kurosawa Three for the Moon on the Nerdist Channel Recurring Characters Review! It seems episode nine is a popular episode […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×09

Episode 9: Airdate: Tuesday January 2, 1990 The Sketches A Place to Die Secretaries on the Nerdist channel A Place to Die 2 Preacher Weston A Place to Die 3 Teddy Bears’ Picnic Recurring Characters Review! So long 1989, hello 1990! Let’s celebrate by dying in the house we were born in, talk behind co-workers […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×08

Episode 8: Airdate: Tuesday December 19, 1989 The Sketches Ping Pong The Vacation Ping Pong 2 Chain Gang The Banker Doesn’t like Us 1 & 2 Dinosaurs Ping Pong 3 Tony Comes to Dinner Recurring Characters The Kids in the Hall are doing a Q&A tomorrow Tuesday April 21st at 8pm EST on their facebook […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×07

Episode 7: Airdate: Tuesday December 12, 1989 The Sketches Hotel La Rut 1 Plummet on the Nerdist with an interview with Kevin and Dave Hotel La Rut 2 First Poem Fletcher Christian Hotel La Rut 3 Joymakers Recurring Characters Review! I will be saying this a lot but I want you to know that when […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×06

Episode 6: Airdate: Tuesday December 5, 1989 The Sketches Thirty Helens Agree #1 Bored Robber Running Faggot Thirty Helens Agree #2 (Twenty Nine Helens Agree) Flogging Trucker Can I Keep Him? – On the Nerdist channel with an interview with Bruce & Mark. Recurring Characters Review! The Thirty Helens have returned and this time they’re […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×05

Episode 5: Airdate: Tuesday November 21th, 1989 The Sketches Indian Drum Geralds – On the Nerdist Channel with interview (Bruce/Mark) Crushing Disco #1 Good Grandpa – On the Nerdist Channel with interview (Bruce/Mark) Explore Scott Are Extraterrestrials Dull? Elvis Crushing Disco #2 Recurring Characters Review! Episode five and the return of the Headcrusher! First, the […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×04

Season 1, Episode 4 Airdate: Tuesday November 14th, 1989 Watch along on youtube: HERE. The Sketches Deja Vu! Apollo the Rude (Asshole) Daves I Know – on the Nerdist Channel with Bruce and Mark Menstruation – on the Nerdist Channel with Dave and Kevin House Rules The Dinner Sick of the Swiss Country Doctor Recurring […]

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Kat in the Hall: 1×03

Season 1, Episode 3 Airdate: Tuesday November 7th, 1989 Watch along on youtube: HERE. The Sketches Gunslinger Gorilla Hey Man Citizen Kane Contact Lenses Hey Man 2 Salty Ham Hey Man 3 Citizen Kane & Salty Ham sketches can be seen here & here respectively, on the Nerdist channel with interviews with some of the […]

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