Kat in the Hall: 1×12

Episode 12: Airdate: Tuesday January 23, 1990

The Sketches

Recurring Characters

Gordon and Fran

Gordon and Fran

Weston Esterhazy & Virgil

Kathie, Cathy and Tanya


First off, something awesome happened a few days ago that I’m still over the moon about. A friend of mine, Andre, went to see the taping of “Unmasked” a show hosted on SiriusXM at the Village Underground in New York and featured all five Kids. Andre offered one of his tickets to me. Obviously, flying out to New York for a taping isn’t realistic (even if I wish it WAS!) so I thanked him, told him how jealous I was but declined. Interrobang! ran an article about it and there’s a few clips to listen to on their page. Otherwise it looks like you need SiriusXM to listen. From everything I’ve heard and read, it was a fantastic show and all the guys were on top form. After the show they had time for pictures with the audience. A few days after Andre sends me a link to this picture:


Click to embiggen

It’s a bit hard to read even if you enlarge the picture but that sign says “Read The Kat in the Hall blog!” He originally wanted the guys to hold the sign but they told him he had to be in the picture. More importantly he explained what the blog was. He told the Kids in the Hall about my blog! From what he told me when I asked what they said in response, they were pleased and especially so because I’m Canadian. He also told them I’d be at the Edmonton show (May 19th) and would be doing the Meet & Greet. I know it isn’t realistic and I know it won’t happen, but it would be so nice for them to remember the blog when I meet them later this month. Regardless, thank you Andre!

Now onto episode 12!

We have a lot of recurring characters this episode and the first appearance of a future recurring character Ms. Ferguson played by Dave. She’s a strong, independent and snarky higher management type person for A.T.&Love who wants little to do with the other women that work for her. That said she seems to have a slightly softer side in this episode, reassuring Kathie about when she too “turned over”. As someone who’s worked as an admin assistant/type-all-the-things person I wish we had something to show how many words you’ve typed, I would have turned over a long time ago. It’s funny to see the parallels to a car turning over, being so excited and then after it happens there’s nothing. It seems like a huge moment for that brief second and then it’s just a number. Really like the sets for this sketch too, it’s a shame they downgraded for later “Secretary” sketches into a more cubicle style.

Mood Swing brings back Gordon and Fran, the Salty Ham family and this time we get to see somewhat of a playful side of Gordon. I refuse to believe he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing the moment he starts bothering Fran while she’s in a good mood. At the end when he gets her to call his sister I see it as a little bit of an apology for what he did. Yes, Fran’s sister is the one on the short end of the stick but at least Fran isn’t in the bad mood anymore.

It’s a very real dynamic they’re playing with here and very likely something everyone who has been in a relationship with someone else would have encountered in their day-to-day lives. As an aside, I love that Gordon is eating crackers and Cheez Whiz. I wonder if the pickle was going to be incorporated somehow. Cheese and pickle, while being very British and to some degree very Canadian is more importantly, very tasty.

Billy Dreamer parts 1 & 2 seems so very Kevin and Dave. I don’t really like to label something as being “very so and so-esque” but I’ve done it quite a few times already. This is weird with a side order of, what was that? Have you ever daydreamed about something slightly better than what you already have? What’s the point of daydreaming if you don’t go big? The sky isn’t even the limit; there is no limit! I will admit Kevin plays the character well and his ability to pull funny faces is given it’s time to shine. On one of the commentaries Kevin remarks how one of the directors didn’t like him and told him to “stop pulling funny faces all the time,” Kevin gets upset and replies, “but that’s what I do!” He does do it well though.

It should be known that of all the Kids, Dave is the one that actually knows how to play guitar. Bruce learned how to play a bit of bass when he got older and I believe Mark can play piano but Dave is the guitar played. Knowing this, the sketch is a lot funnier especially as he tunes the string tighter and tighter until it snaps. I wince every time the string snaps, partially because of the sound and partially because thanks to horror movies I have a fear of one of those strings snapping and whipping someone in the eye. I’ll give Dave credit, he doesn’t flinch when they snap.

“Nope, for me, rock’n’roll music, and excuse me if this is corny, just gives off too many bad vibes.”

There’s elements of the Country Doctor character in this “Dave” character and I like it. I also like that the transcript for this sketch says that he: [breaks the guitar a la Pete Townshend.] Very specific.

From Pete Townshend to “Who’s Gay in Hollywood?” Weston Esterhazy & Virgil are back and this time they are discussing the celebs of the time who might, maybe, could be gay. I bounce around whether I like these two characters and it might just be the physical representation rather than the premise of the character that makes me uncomfortable. Mark and Scott do a wonderful job portraying them, especially because they look very different from their normal selves. I’ve never really thought of either of them as geeky at all (not compared to Dave, Kevin and Bruce at least, who seem to have their geekness about certain things very evidently on their sleeves.) It’s a very well put together sketch and one that includes all those little liability lines to make sure that no one sues for slander.

Then there Skoora the gentle shark who doesn’t want to maim you, but has to because she’s a shark. It’s in her nature! This was clearly a play on Jaws and the hysteria surrounding it and the fact that people honestly seem surprised that wild animals hunt humans when the humans tread on their turf. Why is that shocking? Hunters hunt! You can’t blame a wild animal for trying to get food or protecting its territory. It does a great job of dancing on the line of parody and just another good sketch. As another layer the guys are all playing themselves, or rather a version of themselves, using their own names.


Bruce and Scott as the two marine biologists who each lost an arm and an eye are great, how they keep helping each other as though they were one person. The gruesome newlywed couple also gets a mention if only for the make-up and special effects. I’ll also point out that the “special effects” ie. water and fake blood when Dave was being maimed by Skoora behind the bar were just cheap and crude enough that they worked really well. We don’t need to see Skoora, we gather all the information we need and imagine her in our minds.


Watch on youtube? Please purchase the box set when you are able. (amazon.com/amazon.ca/amazon.co.uk [NTSC])


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