These Are a Few of My Happy Things…

Disclaimer: I get that now maybe isn’t a good time to come out and say, “look at all these happy things!” but there never will be a good time. I hope they bring a little joy to others.


One of the things I love about being on Verity! Podcast is the inclusion of our “happy things” section we start each full episode with. I may moan about finding a happy thing some weeks, but it is nice to see what is going on in the world of Doctor Who that has my co-hosts excited.

Of course, Doctor Who isn’t my only love and as a proud multi-fandom lovin’ person I thought it might be nice to devote a blog post here and there to talk about things I’m excited about in different fandoms. Read on for Supernatural, Walking Dead, superheroes (SPIDEYPOOL!), music, young Peter Capaldi, and more.


I don’t read a lot of blogs. I have a RSS feed reader that I will dip into when I have time, that covers different topics of interest but subscribing to blogs is limited to a select few. Right now two that are always on the top of my inbox belong to Verity! ladies. I include them because they are awesome not just because they are friends.

Liz recently has been blogging a lot and about all different things, including cupcakes (with a recipe!) She talks about video games, books she’s written, Doctor Who and many other topics that interest her. Even if you aren’t interested in the topic, her sense of humor will be enough to keep you interested. All I ask is more pictures of desserts.

I’ve mentioned Erika’s blog before and with good reason. It’s always interesting and has a good, diverse range of topics. The topics range from silly (D&D podcast! Yay!) to thought-provoking (puzzles and anxiety). Her puzzles post got me thinking about mental illness and inspired my essay on being bipolar. She has a patreon too, if you like her work you could throw money that way.

Not a Verity! but run by an awesome lady nonetheless: Yoga With Adriene, who offers free yoga instruction that is funny, interesting and appealing to someone who has never done yoga before. She takes her craft seriously, but also takes her motto “Find What Feels Good” seriously, too. Right now I’m doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge and I think I’ve laughed during every single video.

Now, onto fandoms! After this point there will be spoilers and gifs!



Are you watching Season 11? Aside from all the wonderful that is Mark Pellegrino back as Lucifer, we now have Misha rocking it as Lucifer inhabiting Castiel’s body. The term Casifer has been rolling around and I like it. A good portmanteau is a wonderful thing, kinda like the faces Misha pulls to pay homage to the first actor playing Lucifer.

We also have a look at the Season 11 bloopers. This is the reason I buy the boxset! I’ll admit I’m a Crowley fangirl before a Dean or Sam fangirl, but they have their share of really great bloopers and antics.


The Walking Dead is not supposed to make you happy, it’s supposed to rip out your soul and taunt you with it.

However, one of the actors Michael Cudlitz turned a phrase uttered on the show that compared certain baby-making fluids to Bisquick into something grand.

Line on the show -> memes -> actor acknowledges this and challenged fans to bring Bisquick to the Dallas Walker Stalker con to donate to charity.

The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz Turns Bisquick Meme Into A Good Cause



Deadpool can just take all my money. Whether it’s comic form, movie form, it doesn’t matter. Now, I need cinematic Spideypool goodness. Spider-Man/Deadpool is my favourite one-sided ship. Really, there’s fanfiction, and I’m sure Wade Wilson wrote some of it.


This is from Amazing Spider-Man #698, note: “prattling”.

The CW is doing an excellent job with their shows and I am a very happy fangirl every single time we get a cross-over or reference in Arrow and Flash. It’s that simple. I adore crossovers, sometimes more than the individual properties and between Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow I have more shared universe than I can shake a stick at.


Also, someone documented every shirt Cisco Ramon has worn (up to that point) on Flash and where to get ‘em.


Last post, I talked all about how going to a concert made me very happy and in particular how Frank Turner’s music has been playing on repeat all the time. Discovering his older music thanks to Spotify is making me super happy. Then there’s this audiobook. It’s short in audiobook terms, coming in at about 8 hours. If you’ve read any of Henry Rollins touring diaries they are in that same vein, if a bit more positive.

∧ That’s a mandolin. I have one of those, and I picked it up the other day after watching this to try to scribble through the opening of one of those songs. Videos make things so much easier.

DOCTOR WHO (Or rather, Peter Capaldi)

Ok, I lied, there’s a bit of Doctor Who in this.

Sometimes you just want to watch an actor’s work from before their current role. Sometimes you just want to watch a young Peter Capaldi play guitar. Tumblr has you covered. A wonderful person has put together a Peter Capaldi Annotated Filmography from 1982 right up to 2015 (Series 9 of Doctor Who).

They have uploaded many videos, made many wonderful gifs and I encourage you to watch them all.

Here’s The Ruth Rendall Mysteries: Some Lie and Some Die (1990) featuring a singing (that’s Peter singing), guitar playing Capaldi playing Zeno. This is just the Capaldi parts but the full thing is here.


So, what’s making you happy? Links, anecdotes, memes, gifs, it’s all welcome here!


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