BellLetsTalk Day

Mental health & illness is something near and very dear to my heart. Every year on this day people talk and share about their own experiences with mental health, in hopes that it maybe helps someone. Here goes…

I have rapid cycling type II bipolar disorder, anxiety & panic attacks. That diagnosis are labels that I live with just like I’m also a big sister, a daughter, a partner, and a Maritimer. Like other diseases I take meds everyday and I will never be cured.

Thanks to the meds there are long spells of “level” when everything is going fine (like right now) and I worry when and how will it end? Because it will end. There will be a high or a low, dampened by the sum of little everyday things (meds everyday, talk therapy once a week) that keep me from going too high or too low, but enough to disrupt my normal life. Being type II I’m more likely to go low (depressed), rather than high (manic).

It means I have to be responsible for myself when it comes to situations that could stress me, whether good or bad stress and walk away before it gets to be too much. This disorder has meant that I have to talk about my problems as soon as they start whether that’s with those people I care about or with professionals or else they can spin out of control.

Bipolar or not, talking about your problems and taking care of yourself is a v. good thing, but please talk and listen all year round, instead of just one day because a company agrees to give money to charity. #BellLetsTalk

This song still makes me sad. “Please tell Mom this is not her fault,” gets me every time.

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