Self Care: A Happy Things Post

Hey there reader, doing OK? I know a lot of crap is going on right now regardless of where you live. Some places have it worse than others. We need to stand together, there’s a reason #resist and #persist have been trending on twitter and people are striking out to make sure their voices are heard.

However, self care is important. Pepsi agrees.


With all that anger and sadness in the world I find myself posting pictures of fluffy animals and silly fangirly things to try to help those that just need a break. It’s not meant to take away from the serious stuff going on; it’s important to keep fighting, but if you don’t have a light break once in a while the darkness is harder to hold back.

So I bring you a “Happy Things Post”. Like on Verity! These are things making me happy in the world right now. They’re from different fandoms and some will indeed be blushingly fangirly. Some are old and only now grabbing my attention. No shame people. No shame. Just happiness. Let these happy things inspire you to find your own or share in mine.

Things Making Me Happy:
Hodge Podge Edition

(not the soup kind, the variety kind)

My new haircut – I love it and it makes me feel way more like me than long hair ever did.

Green & Black’s Hot Chocolate Drink

Doesn’t contain milk as an actual ingredient but it’s manufactured in a facility that also processes dairy so it might not be vegan. Hot drinks are best.


Mixed with vanilla almond milk, omg so tasty.

Frank Turner’s new song “The Sand in the Gears” It’s political but empowering.
We can’t just spend the next four years in a safe space / I’m going to spend the next four years getting outraged

Learn to play mandolin is really making me happy. I still suck a lot but the notes sound like notes! I can play chords and scales. (Secret: If I commit to this I’m letting myself get a bass guitar.) Goals and rewards.


Verity! Extra: In Defence of… The Gavel Edition


And not just because [SPOILER] I win, but because it was fun and stretches the brain muscles.

Hi My Name is Mark Podcast


EP #004 – What the hell is a Matt Skiba?
EP #009 – The Feldmann Interview

Remember how I said there was some older stuff on here? Here it is. There were thirty four episodes released on iTunes of this podcast prior to what now shows as episode one, but they were lost to the great iTunes scourge. (Copies do exist if you google.)

While all nine, ranging from 2014 to six months ago are great I highly recommend starting at either episode 9 or episode 4.

Things I love about this podcast: it’s a great introduction to music I might otherwise look over and interviews with the bands that play it. Their older podcasts were “enhanced” with pictures as you listened, now they just provide tons of pictures and show notes on the website. It’s super funny, crass and has lots of swearing. Episode 9 goes into producing music and episode 4 talks to Matt Skiba and his thoughts on joining Blink 182. It’s so different from the Doctor Who podcasts I listen to that it makes for a great change of pace. Also, Mark Hoppus’ voice is dreamy. 


Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later

I’m always excited when Gally comes along, but this year I get to interview three amazing actors: Danny Webb, Gareth David-Lloyd & Naoko Mori. Plus I get to be on three amazing panels including the Verity! panel. This will be my busiest Gally yet! If you will be at the convention, come and see me! Check out an interview or panel or just say hello!

Doctor Who – Black Orchid


Chris and I watched Black Orchid for the Terence Dudley miniscope episode of Radio Free Skaro coming this Sunday. Those gifs pretty much summarize the episode. Dance, Adric eats, cricket and then a smattering of plot happens. It’s what makes the episode so glorious because it would never work for New Who today AND it’s got a nice crowded TARDIS (which is how I like my TARDIS teams, plentiful and good at Maths.)


Aside from being Canadian, the Modernettes have/had a lot going for them. I love all their songs. The thing that really gets my attention is their female bass player, Mary Jo Kopechne. I’ve been wanting to learn bass and her playing is a big inspiration for that.

Okay, last but not least this video has inspired multiple gifsets and kind of encapsulates what I’m really enjoying about Blink 182. Chemistry, fun, good song and two grown men being dorks on stage. There’s a Collegehumor sketch about bass players being boring on stage there’s a reason Mark Hoppus is the lecturer in that. He is skipping around when he’s not singing. SKIPPING. It’s adorable! If the day should ever come that I’m even briefly in a band, I wanna be that person.

Is there something you’re turning to when you need a little lift up? A favourite tea, book or  playlist? Share in comments!


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