Product Review: BASKETCASE Eyeliner


Some people asked me to let them know how the Basketcase eyeliner was. I started writing this as a facebook post and then it got away from me and became a full-on blog post. I tried the eyeliner out Saturday just for fun since I knew I didn’t have to be anywhere and then wore it to work today. No pictures because I’m still awful at applying makeup, even anti-precision black eye makeup.


Good & Less Than Good Review


  • Pigment is great, it really is black af.
  • It’s exceedingly waterproof
  • Once it sets it doesn’t smudge or come off on your hand. In fact you really need to smudge as you go for that reason and then layer on more.
  • It smudged well too, if like me you cannot draw straight lines, never fear you can smudge and fill in your mistakes. I think this is where/how you get that “smoky eye”
  • I have a feeling it would be even better if I slept with it on and I could, it’s comfortable and I can forget I’m wearing it.
  • Built-in sharpener!

Less Than Good:

  • You need to apply more than you think you will. This is not a “little bit” of eyeliner kinda product. Layering is good.
  • It is the opposite of liquid liner (I’m told since I don’t use liquid liner) It’s kind of like coloring with a crayon or pastel where the glide happens once you have enough on your skin, it’s not immediate.
  • You also have to press down more than even other pencil eyeliners at first to get started.
  • It smudges a lot better with a finger than a q-tip which is annoying because it is waterproof and is a pain to get off your hands when you’re done.


Most importantly:

If, like me, you don’t know what you’re doing – never fear! It is fun to use. It feels like colouring outside the lines and finger painting all in one. It’s messy and forgives mistakes (just add a little bit more…) I think you could even get close to Billie Joe’s stage look without too much effort, if that’s your jam. Can’t wait to wear it to a show, but for now if I use some restraint it’s work appropriate in a liberal office environment. I’ve even gotten a few compliments from coworkers thus far.

Price: it’s pricey for me at $23 CDN (+ shipping if you don’t buy it in-store at Sephora.) I bought it online since my local was sold out, but it is a collaboration between Kat Von D & Billie Joe Armstrong so cheap isn’t to be expected and they are donating some of the proceeds to the ACLU.

Overall, I adore it and I think between this and my new M.A.C. eye-pencil I’m set. Who knew I’d actually start wearing makeup and have opinions on it.




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