In the End, it Does Matter.

If what follows helps someone, anyone, even a tiny bit then it’ll be worth it. ‘Cause in the end, it does matter. You matter. Warning: mentions of past thoughts of suicide & Chester Bennington’s death You almost never know how you will react when you learn about someone’s death. We like to think that we […]

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Self Care: A Happy Things Post

Hey there reader, doing OK? I know a lot of crap is going on right now regardless of where you live. Some places have it worse than others. We need to stand together, there’s a reason #resist and #persist have been trending on twitter and people are striking out to make sure their voices are heard. […]

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BellLetsTalk Day

Mental health & illness is something near and very dear to my heart. Every year on this day people talk and share about their own experiences with mental health, in hopes that it maybe helps someone. Here goes… I have rapid cycling type II bipolar disorder, anxiety & panic attacks. That diagnosis are labels that […]

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Some of Us, We Have Tattoos…

In July 2003, I got my first tattoo. I was 16 years old, worried more about school than anything else and I wanted to “rebel” safely. My stepfather’s brother (step-uncle, I guess?) has a tattoo shop* so he did it in just under an hour. There wasn’t any hesitation, I knew straight away that I […]

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