New Project: Fangirling Filmography

I’m embarking on what could be the most fannish thing I’ve ever done.

A long time ago, in a blog post far away I talked about the Mark Sheppard spreadsheet that I had used to watch everything he had done (up to that point). I call it a Fangirling Filmography. I was super excited about it, but if I’m honest I was terrified to write that post and scared every time I mentioned it to friends or on social media that I’d get flack for being “that type of fan”; that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. Let’s be honest being a fangirl means you’re often not taken seriously. Yet that post extolled the virtues of being a proud fangirl.

Well, time to practice what I preach and let my fangirl flag fly. I’m taking deep breaths as I type this. Time for a venture I’ve wanted to do for a long time as an extension of just watching everything an actor has done.

People joke that Mark Sheppard has been in everything and it seems like he has, but this new venture is about an actor who has been in even more than that (something around 126 different projects). His name is Michael Eklund, he’s been in a lot of stuff that you may not have seen, he’s called a character actor and he’s Canadian to boot. I did say I needed to watch more Canadian TV.

You might know him best as:


Martin, one of the Rowdy 3 on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency



Bobo Del Rey on Wynonna Earp

I’m calling the project the “Eklund Editorials” because alliteration is awesome (and a friend suggested the name, which was way better than anything I thought up) and the goal is to watch everything Michael Eklund has done and blog about it, preferably within a year. The timeline will be dependant on finding everything to watch as some of the shows never made it to DVD/streaming and as most of his work is Canadian it often didn’t get released to a very large market.

There will be weekly reviews of films and storylines in a fangirly, but critical way as well as discussion of commonalities between roles. Oh, and there will also be lots of pictures and screencaps because he is very talented and attractive. You’re welcome.

First review will be up tomorrow for the 2013 film “The Call”

Join in the comments, tell me what you think and check out Michael Eklund’s filmography on IMDB.

Also, love for my wonderful partner Chris who listens to me talk excitedly all the time about these spreadsheets and the actors they center around, and about all the things I learn when I do a project like this. He’s great.