Kat in the Hall: Kids in the Hall LIVE!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Kat in the Hall to bring you something different and far closer to home. The Kids in the Hall came to Edmonton, Alberta (May 19, 2015) to play in the Northern Jubilee Auditorium. I would have loved to have more pictures of the sketches especially with how close I was (first row) but I got caught up in watching the show which is infinitely more important. Pictures are courtesy of their respective owners. Thanks folks!

Although the live show was a mixture of old and new sketches we did get a few sketches we’ve already covered on this blog:

Country Doctor Sketch
Gordon & Fran – Salty Ham
Running Faggot

The new sketches were brilliant and up to the high quality we saw in the five years of the show.

After the cut there will be discussion of the show including details about the new sketches, if you’re going to be seeing the show or don’t want spoilers then it’s best to skip it until that’s not an issue. The videos I’ve linked to are all from other cities performances and will be replaced if I find Edmonton ones.

You can still get tickets and I highly encourage you to do so. Check out KITHtour2015.com for the remaining tour dates and ticket information.

Monday, we’re back on track with episode 1×17: vampire fags, mass murderers and the Head Crusher returns.

Big thank you to my beloved Chris ❤ for everything, especially pictures when I had no idea he was taking them and Amanda Tonnessen who is awesome and uploaded so many live sketches to youtube and reassured me that I would be ok and meeting Bruce would be awesome.

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