About the Kat

Kat aka Katrina Griffiths is a Canadian fangirl and geek who can be heard on the Verity! Podcast with five other amazing women who talk about Doctor Who. She reads and writes a lot of fanfiction (slash and otherwise) in her spare time, occasionally makes gifs, obsesses over whatever strikes her fancy and loves spreadsheets.

Currently, this blog is hosting “Kat in the Hall” a twice weekly review of Kids in the Hall episodes starting with the pilot and someday finishing with the last episode of season five.

Obviously a Whovian, she is also a Browncoat, a proud member of the #SPNFamily, a comic geek, and is currently discovered punk music. Katrina is not a contrarian no matter how many times other people say she is.

She also really hates writing about herself in the third person.

This blog is merely a written memory of all the thoughts fandom inspires in me. If something I write inspires you or inspires a discussion, please let me know.

Twitter: @xanister
tumblr: supershpadoinklewho
Verity! website: veritypodcast.com


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