Start the Music! Podcast – Overdue Intro & Liner Notes


Hey! Did you know I do a biweekly music podcast called Start the Music! that plays music from all different genres as well as interviews?

One of my reasons for starting a music podcast was to have the opportunity to talk to different people in different aspects of the music industry. Plenty of podcasts interview the musical acts, but I wanted to also talk to the people in the industry who support and help to create the music and who are often overlooked. (I interview bands, too!)

With twenty-four episodes already released (March ’18) and it’s 1st birthday rapidly approaching, there’s something for everyone. Consider this part of the liner notes for the podcast.

Where do I start?

  • Doctor Who fan? I talked to Doctor Who composer Dominic Glynn on episode 12.
  • Fancy yourself a photographer? You need to hear episode 8 about tour photography.
  • What does a sound engineer do? Check out episode 10.
  • Maybe you’re curious what it was like spending time with Green Day & filming while they created their album American Idiot, then listen to episode 18.
  • An interview with the first openly gay rock band? That’s episode 20.

There are no wrong choices. All the interview guests were so much fun to talk to and I want as many people as possible to hear about their stories and their projects.

Each name has the episode number next to it. Click the link for the website (streaming available) or select the podcast service listing below and listen from there.

iTunes |  Stitcher | iHeartRadio

Please don’t forget to subscribe, review, and share if you like what you hear!


02. Brother Octopus
03. Beggars Bunce
04. Real Sickies
05. Alan Hempsall
06. The Ludvico Treatment
07. Chris Cote (Documentary Riding in Vans with Boys)
11. Peter Chiykowski (Rock, Paper, Cynic)
15. Shadow of Everest
16. Taco Hell
17. The Sold! and Bones
20. Pansy Division
22. Steven Schapansky
24. Hunter Dumped Us Here

Sound Engineer/Producer

10. Christopher Holmes (Blink-182, NIN, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Tour Photography

08. Kylie Rebecca


09. Sam Eastmond
12. Dominic Glynn

Record Label

23. Ron Saccoccio (Snubbed Records)


21. Sam Sutherland (blink-155)

Director (music documentary)

13. Corbett Redford (Turn it Around – The Story of East Bay Punk)
18. John Roecker – (Heart Like a Hand Grenade)

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